May 2015

As I walked out one morning – 100 drawings from Athens by Daniel Egneus. 14 May – 6 June 2015

As I walked out one morning – 100 drawings from Athens by Daniel Egneus.

Exhibition at Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kolonaki Square 20 on the 14 of May at 20:00.


Daniel Egneus Solo Exhibition 2015 Athens, Greece.

My solo show with 100 drawings from Athens will open 14th May, 20:00 at Zoumboulakis Galleries,
Plateia Kolonaki, 20. Athens.

As I walked out one morning…

100 drawings of everyday walks in Athens by Daniel Egneus.

My workingtitle for this exhibition has been ‘See Athens before you die, if you’re not killed by the heat, the cars will get you for sure.’But being still alive after all my obsessive promenading in Athens I changed it.
The idea of this exhibition is simple;
I grew tired of how foreign press depicted Athens as a gruesome hell scape.
Beggars in the street, graffitied walls, rows of abandoned shops; images of a city on the edge of catastrophe
and all the journalistic tropes and cliches that fill foreign newspapers with symbols of social and economic meltdown .

That these exist is undeniable and plugged relentlessly, can affect the perception of Athens as a basket case.
But they are not the whole truth.

I set out to recreate
through my own eyes the one hour walks I take every working day in Athens. From Kolonaki to Monastiraki passing by Pittaki Street, Athinas Street, Agias Eirinis Square, The Meat Market and Omonia Square or my walk down Patriarchou Ioakim/Syntagma/Karagiorgis Servias to the Studio in Aiolou Street.
The drawings and sketches are all everyday scenes, from
people going about their daily lives to the ventilation system from hell in Praxitelous Street or my occasional trip to the port of Pireaus. Greek writers that has inspired me, death masks from the Archeological museum, the birds singing in the garden of the Marasleio School welcoming dawns early light while I was bended like a vulture over my drawing table working with this show.
And as a response to the foreign press coverage of a city at its proverbial downfall I tried
finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and recalling
the lines of Frank O’Hara:

‘O God it’s wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much’

If you don’t eat me, I’ll have to eat myself.

Daniel Egneus 2015